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Meet our Guides


Vilija, Chief Guide and co-founder

Years ago, for me it was the small encounters with locals that made my foreign trips into wonderful, unforgettable experiences. They would point me to cafes around the corner, places of unique atmosphere or advice local dishes I wouldn't find on the pages of any travel guidebook.

Nowadays, I feel that I am sending the goodness further when I make our guests encounter Vilnius and whole Lithuania in an authentic way. It gives me great joy to make them feel as if they're seeing the city trough the eyes of a local. Therefore I find myself to be a storyteller even more than a guide.

Furthermore, as a destination marketeer and one of two founders of PRIVATE BALTICS, I'm very happy to teach and to work with the team of our hand-picked, dedicated and talented guides.


Welcome to personalized city experiences!



Hello and welcome to Vilnius! 

I’m an art critic, architectural researcher, Ambassador of the Republic of Užupis in Determination and Right Decisions and happy guide of  PRIVATE BALTICS.

Come with me to explore and experience many faces of the capital of Lithuania!



Hi, I'm a dancing guide. Several years ago I decided not to limit myself only to the theater stage, but to expand boundaries with an audience also interested in the history, architecture and art.

Let's have a performance and create a good vibes together!


Jelena Soz.jpg


Loving active leisure and nature, I started walking tours with my friends long time ago. With years finding and exploring new places in my beloved country and my country, then sharing experiences became my lifestyle!

I am very proud to be one of the local guides in  PRIVATE BALTICS team :)

Our tours are made of beauty, learning, tastings, smiles and the best reward for me are pleasantly surprised, excited and happy travelers which become our friends!
Welcome the state of WOW!



I'm a Master of Food Identity, working as a food and drink expert/editor.

In addition to this, I'm also a passionate guide about gastronomy, food history and culture and I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others.

Oh, and I'm a big fan of Vilnius too. 




I am a passionate and curious collector of funny stories. That‘s why I'm always looking for interesting, crazy and ridiculous things that happened somewhere in Baltic countries. Or in other words - a historian. I'm also a water loving tour guide who is always curious what is under the surface literally! 

If I'm not guiding, diving, then probably I‘m busy traveling and exploring the world!

Our tours are fun, interesting, exciting journey and the best rewards are happy travelers.

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