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We travel sustainably: politely, respectfully, neatly and invite our guests to do the same.

Here are a few bullet points on how to do it easy:

    We PRESERVE (do not harm) OBJECTS:

  • We repair/fix something overturned or torn apart

  • If object is painted over or pasted/glued over – we clean it

  • If there are warning or protective signs - we walk the marked paths only

  • We take our time to NOTIFY elder ships, municipalities about untidy, damaged objects

  • We CLEAN, COLLECT GARBAGE (we carry bags for that) - we leave the place tidier than we have found

  • We ALWAYS ask for permission when entering private areas. If we can't find people, we leave a note, or an apple or some other little thing to say that we've been here

  • If the place is locked, we don't try to get in any way through the fence or crack: we better get acquainted with those objects through photos or other sources

  • We learn and see more on the INTERNET so we don’t have to climb, go with the crowd, crawl into all the objects, especially when there are a lot of people in them, as we know exactly what interests us

  • We are getting ready that VIRTUAL TOURISM might gradually change the live access to some objects

  • We treat other travelers POLITELY: we would wait, yield those who are in a hurry

  • We ALWAYS SHARE INFORMATION with those who need it

  • We buy from LOCAL businesses and craftsmen, we hire LOCAL guides, thus supporting the communities of smaller towns

  • We BUY not obligatory visitor tickets to National and Regional Parks to support protected areas

  • As a GUIDES, we share information, knowledge with colleagues and partners, cooperate with representatives of the sites we visit, local communities, guides, etc.

  • We donate part of our earnings to support social initiatives or charities to develop local tourism


Maybe you have more suggestions for practicing and developing ethical and sustainable tourism? Write us

Our guidelines and practices are aligned to United Nations Development Program (UNDP) sustainable development goals:

  • Quality Education

  • Decent Work and Economic Growth

  • Sustainable Cities and Communities

  • Responsible Consumption and Production

  • Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

  • Partnerships for the Goals

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